tpa–partner relationship

TPAs: You’re More Than an Administrator — You’re an Experience

As a TPA, You’re Responsible to More Than Your Brokers and Employers You’re responsible to their participants. The employees and policyholders that are relying on you to assist them with enrollment and claims reimbursement/substantiation — whether they’re aware of you … Continue Reading

tpa best practices

Four Best Practices for TPA Success

Best Practice #1: Understand Your Groups, Their Participants, and the Needs of Both First things first: Relationships matter. This standard applies to third party administrators just as much as any other organization in any other industry. You wouldn’t work with … Continue Reading

Fill the Gaps in your Benefits Administration Software

The end of 2017 might seem like months ago, granted it was, and third party administrators may have forgotten the stress and chaos that comes at the end of the year. As employers, employees, and brokers rush to submit enrollment … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

What Can Employers Do to Lower Health Insurance Costs?

Health insurance coverage is not only a hot topic for employees, it is also a significant part of an employer’s annual budget. With health insurance rates rising each year, it is imperative for employers to take measures to lower their … Continue Reading