TPA Stream Connect

A seamless participant enrollment process

Our proprietary technology is designed to reduce or eliminate all of the clerical tasks associated with enrollment and claims processing. With over 200 supported carriers, TPA Stream offers competitive advantages through paperless claims processing and electronic retrieval. Using our software, the employer’s reimbursement process is simplified, reducing administrative costs and increasing participant satisfaction. TPA Stream Connect provides a more cohesive web or mobile app enrollment experience. This feature is embedded on your portal and greatly reduces development time.

Woman demonstrating modern smartphone with blank white screen

Business Benefits of TPA Stream Connect:

  • Centralized Product: Seamless integrated enrollment process into your application.
  • Higher Adoption: Same look and feel of your system provides a simplistic approach for participants who are regular users of your system.
  • Mobile Capability: Embed the enrollment experience into your mobile app.

Development Benefits of TPA Stream Connect:

  • Flexible: Full customization to control your brand image of the participant enrollment process.
  • Adaptable: Modular design that won’t interfere with legacy systems.
  • Rapid Deployment: Embed and go live in a matter of minutes.

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