SaaS Solutions for Benefits Startups

Solutions for Benefits Startups and Private Equity

We help startups, private equity firms, and technology companies in the benefits market accelerate growth as they enter the space or conduct M&A activity.

We’re an established player in the employee benefits segment. We’ve created a reputation for building innovative solutions that deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Our core solutions for startups and private equity will help you accelerate growth. 

Platform Migrations

Drawing on a deep well of expertise in leading benefit administration systems like Alegeus, WEX Health, and DataPath, we have the expertise you need to execute a complex migration and have done so on behalf of our clients. 

As your consultative partner, we’ll work with you and your benefit administration team to lead the migration of participant accounts and transaction history.

Employer Invoicing

Employer invoicing is the missing link between your benefit administration and accounting software. 

  • Automate the entire invoicing process
  • Generate more revenue by being able to bill for small incremental fees that historically were not included on invoices
  • Focus on growing business and collections rather than manually generating invoices using a variety of spreadsheets with data from multiple systems.
  • Improve cash flow by sending all invoices at the beginning of the month instead of sending invoices out in batches

Claims and Enrollment Integrations

  • Move your integrations to the best in class integration platform
  • Fully integrated standardization engine for claims, enrollment, and eligibility data
  • Support for EDI, CSV, API data types and AWS S3 buckets, Azure Blob Storage, and Google Cloud Storage hosting providers
  • Our integrations grow with you and can support any volume of data with ease

Why TPA Stream

As a leader in claims and integration solutions, we’re your trusted partner to solve for the complexity of the benefits administration industry. 

  • HIPAA compliant 
  • We support over 200 carriers
  • Integrate with leading accounting software 
  • TPA Stream is SOC 2 compliant, and a copy of TPA Stream’s most recent report is available upon request

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