Claims & Enrollment Integrations

Efficiently Automating Data Flow Between Your Software Systems

TPA Stream offers an automated solution to integrate files into your various software platforms. Configuration is simple and will allow your team to automate the filing process with easy setup instructions for each vendor. TPA Stream extracts file feeds daily and configures imports and exports, providing seamless data migration and endless flexibility. Utilize TPA Stream’s Integration Menu to reduce data silos and streamline administration!


Integration Manager + Apps

TPA Stream’s revolutionary Integration Manager + App platform simplifies the entire integration process. The integration manager does much more than import and export data between software systems. With our innovative workflow and error management tools, we equip you with all the resources needed to report and resolve integration errors quickly and efficiently.

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Key Integration Manager + Apps Benefits

Automated Processing

Automation of files between various software systems


Accurate participant information transferred between systems

Seamless Data Transfer

Utilization of business logic to ensure files are received in the correct format

Error Management

Visibility into integration errors and recommended resolutions

Workflow Management

Customizable setup for users to receive integration error alerts for timely resolution

Streamlined Integration Dashboard

Real-time snapshot of integration file status and error management alerts

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