TPA Stream Connect

Integrate Health Insurance Data from Multiple Sources and Formats Into Apps

TPA Stream focuses on building software solutions to provide unprecedented access to claims data and automate labor-intensive workflows. TPA Stream Connect affords businesses and downstream web and mobile application developers to seamlessly embed the technology into existing applications using TPA Stream’s claim webhooks and rest API. With access to over 200 medical, dental, vision, and prescription carriers, TPA Stream simplifies the process for retrieving claims data for users.

TPA Stream Connect
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Business Benefits of TPA Stream Connect:

  • Unprecedented Access to Claims Data: Full access to claim details for any employer size or use-case.
  • Automate Labor-Intensive Workflows: Streamlined workflow for enrollment and claims processing.
  • Seamless Embedded Integration: Embed the experience into your mobile app or web application for a complete solution.

Development Benefits of TPA Stream Connect:

  • Flexible: Full customization to control your brand image of the participant enrollment process.
  • Adaptable: Modular design that won’t interfere with legacy systems.
  • Rapid Deployment: Embed and go live in a matter of minutes.

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