Learn more about how our claims data and software help our clients deliver better benefits. We work with administrators, brokers, employers, app developers, and more. The thing that unites the clients we serve is their commitment to using cutting-edge technology to improve their work and the experience for their end users.


Third Party Administrators

Eliminate all enrollment and claims processing clerical work with our suite of solutions for CDH and COBRA administrators.

Health Insurance Brokers

Take a data-driven approach to advising using claims data and analytics software.

Application Developers

Integrate your users’ claims into any fintech, health, or wellness application.

Health Savings Accounts Providers

Integrate benefits claims into your experience and simplify reimbursement for your users.

Benefits Startups

Accelerate growth with claims data, invoicing tools, and our API & Webhooks.

Why TPA Stream

TPA Stream is a thriving, innovative insurance technology company committed to empowering better benefits by connecting systems, transforming data, and helping TPAs unlock more revenue.

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