There’s an easier way to administer employee benefits.

TPA Stream automates employee benefits and solves communication challenges across all benefit types, making it simpler, safer, and more cost effective for everyone that helps make employee benefits happen.

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Our Solutions

TPA Stream offers a suite of products for health insurance brokers and administrators.

Claims Processing

Claims Harvesting

Win new business, streamline claims processing, and increase employee engagement.

Claims Processing

Employer Invoicing

Experience easy automation for the employer invoicing process for CDH and COBRA.

Claims Processing

Claims & Enrollment Integrations

Automate the process to consume files, transform, and integrate with administrative systems.

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About TPA Stream

TPA Stream is an insurtech software company based in Cleveland, OH. We work with health insurance brokers and third-party administrators to help them win business and streamline operations.

Our customers tell us they love working with TPA Stream because we are flexible, easy to work with, and constantly developing new and innovative solutions.

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We were looking for more than a provider — we were looking for a partner, and we found that partner in TPA Stream. I was impressed with their attitude, philosophy, and entrepreneurship. It was very easy to get started with them. They were very responsive to us.

Bill Catuzzi, Clarity, CEO

Using TPA Stream completely automated our reimbursement process — it’s allowed us to grow our business tremendously.

Ross Honig, OCA, Sr. Vice President of Business Development

Using TPA Stream's software we've been able to provide better customer service & faster claims reimbursement, which is helping us win new business.

Third Party Administrator, New Jersey

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