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Easily Automate Benefits Administration: See How TPA Stream Puts Your Data to Work with our Invoicing, Communications, and Claims Solution

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Save time and increase revenue while tackling the complexities of employee benefits billing.

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Powerful communications made easy. Dynamic segments based on your integrated benefits administration system data. Super friendly editor.

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Securely collect claims files and EOBs from insurance carriers to reduce clerical work associated with substantiation and reimbursement.


We work with everyone involved in delivering or improving benefits including employers, brokers, administrators, and app developers. The use of our claims data and software is vast, spanning multiple segments of the benefits ecosystem.


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Stay up to date with the latest information on benefits technology, better leverage claims data, and improve the everyday workflow of TPAs with our insightful benefits administration blog. Gain valuable insights, tips, and strategies to navigate the evolving landscape of benefits administration tools and technology.


Unlock simple and effective TPA solutions in our Resource Hub. Access everything from case studies to webinars, videos, and blogs created to simplify and demystify benefits administration workflows and new TPA technology. Find new ways to empower your TPA with the power of claims data, consolidated invoicing, and employer communications.

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Founded on the angst of managing benefits claims, our company has always focused on making benefits easier. To date, we’ve already transformed the benefits experience for over 3 million employees–and we’re just getting started.