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TPA Stream’s benefit administration software is designed to automate repetitive tasks for claims managers and billers. Using our proprietary technology, claims are collected from EDI files and online portals to help bridge the gap with existing data sources.

Using TPA Stream, third-party administrators can reduce the time it takes to substantiate claims by 75%.

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TPA Stream's Products

EOB Harvesting

Simplify the reimbursement process, reduce administrative costs, and increase participant approval.

Consolidated Billing

Manage all your sales records, invoices, recurring fees and commission reports with a complete consolidated solution.

Integration with Third-Party Apps

Customize our software to best suit your needs with our growing selection of third-party application plugins.


EOBs Harvested Automatically, Without Errors


Hours Saved for Your Valuable Team


Dollars Saved to Improve Your Profit Margin

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About TPA Stream

TPA Stream’s web-based solutions were created to single-handedly overcome some of the major inefficiencies found in the current healthcare administration workflows. Our proprietary technology is designed to reduce or eliminate nearly all of the clerical tasks associated with healthcare enrollment and claims processing.

The reason our software works is simple: We integrate with your existing software and systems so you can benefit from our products without the cost of changing how you do business.

Today, TPA Stream is utilized by third-party administrators, health plans, and financial institutions across the country. For more information about our software, please schedule an online demonstration.

We were looking for more than a provider — we were looking for a partner, and we found that partner in TPA Stream. I was impressed with their attitude, philosophy, and entrepreneurship. It was very easy to get started with them. They were very responsive to us.

Bill Catuzzi, Clarity, CEO

Using TPA Stream completely automated our reimbursement process — it’s allowed us to grow our business tremendously.

Ross Honig, OCA, Sr. Vice President of Business Development

Using TPA Stream's software we've been able to provide better customer service & faster claims reimbursement, which is helping us win new business.

Third Party Administrator, New Jersey

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