Checklist: Unlock more revenue for your TPA

Want more revenue for your TPA?

Maximize your revenue potential as an administrator with our free checklist. Learn how Employer Invoicing can generate more revenue.

Generate more revenue. Streamline your operations.

If you’re invoicing manually, you’re not generating all the revenue you could be when the end of the month rolls around. There’s added cash flow locked in each one of those invoices your team is manually creating in Excel or a Microsoft Access program.

More revenue. Easier day-to-day.

Turn invoicing into a revenue opportunity. Plus, no more wasting time generating employer invoices manually from their benefits administration system in either Excel or Access.

Purpose-built technology.

We’ve helped TPAs across the country streamline their operations, carve out time for accounts payable activities, create differentiation in their marketplace, and win more business. We’re confident we could help you, too.

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