The benefits industry is complex (but we don’t need to tell you that). Learn how you can use claims data to cut through the complexity our case studies below.


Checklist: Unlock more revenue for your TPA

Want more revenue for your TPA? Maximize your revenue potential as an administrator with our free checklist. Learn how Employer Invoicing can generate more revenue. Generate more revenue. Streamline your operations. If you’re invoicing manually, you’re...

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Clarity Benefit Solutions – Claims Harvesting

Clarity has achieved steady growth over the past few years and achieved a 3x ROI in using TPA Stream.

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Office of Compliant Administration (OCA) – Claims Harvesting

Learn how OCA has grown and scaled painlessly while also gaining a competitive advantage and a stronger selling point for new client business.

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Office of Compliant Administration (OCA) – Employer Invoicing

With the new Employer Invoicing platform in place, OCA is able to further accelerate its upward growth momentum and strengthen its strategic position as a reliable, efficient partner for brokers looking to get in with new employer groups.

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Why TPA Stream

TPA Stream is a thriving, innovative insurance technology company committed to empowering better healthcare outcomes for employers and their employees.

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