Anthem Launches on TPA Stream Claims Data and Benefits Software Platform

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Anthem Launches on TPA Stream Claims Data and Benefits Software Platform

Now 43 Million Americans on Anthem plans can have a better benefits experience

Cleveland, OHIO–TPA Stream is pleased to announce that Anthem Patient Access APIs are now live within the TPA Stream platform. This means that the 43 million members on Anthem can get their out-of-pocket health expenses paid faster and more accurately when their third party administrator uses TPA Stream.

Read the full release on PR Newswire here. 

“We’re so excited to have the Anthem Patient Access API live for our customers. We’ve supported claims harvesting for the Anthem group of carriers for years. Connecting directly via API improves the participant experience and enhances the deliverability and connectivity for the third party administrators working on reviewing and approving out-of-pocket claims for our members,” said Jacob Sheridan, CEO and co-founder of TPA Stream.

TPA Stream is a leader in consuming and standardizing large amounts of data for over 200 Payers either through participant-level permission or through claims files. Its strength lies in its ability to collect this information from disparate sources,  standardize it, and help administrators and apps use it to enhance benefits administration or solutions. Any third-party application that wants to integrate with us and consume this API along with other data sources can do so,  without the hassle of developing the tooling to receive this data via API directly.

“We will connect with every Payer in the country that offers commercial plan-enabled Patient Access APIs, and already have several under development,” Sheridan added. The upcoming Payer to Payer data exchange requirements present a unique opportunity for Payers,  administrators, and tech companies to work together to achieve solutions that improve healthcare and benefits for millions of Americans on commercial health plans.

Anthem’s decision to extend the API to all members demonstrates their commitment to making Patient Access a reality for all members. The addition of the Anthem Patient Access API further expands TPA Stream’s foothold as the leader in claims data for better benefits and marks a significant milestone for the use of healthplan APIs in the benefits space overall. 

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