Third Party Administrators

Solutions for Third Party Administrators

Since 2014, we’ve been leaders in building leading technology solutions to address the highly specific needs of the Third Party Administrators we serve. We know that TPAs need solutions that help them streamline healthcare and benefits administration. The technology we developed in response is designed specifically to reduce or eliminate all of the clerical tasks associated with enrollment and claims processing, allowing our clients to save time, improve accuracy, and ensure access to employee health benefits for consumer directed healthcare (CDH) and COBRA administration.

Our solutions for Third Party Administrators include:

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Claims Harvesting With TPA Stream

Streamlining Claims Retrieval & Processing Using Automated Technology

Claims Harvesting securely collects claims files and EOBs from insurance carriers on behalf of your participants and makes them accessible in a web app for easy processing.

Claims Harvesting Process

Claims Harvesting Process

Employer Invoicing With TPA Stream

The Complete Solution to Manage All of Your Sales Records, Invoices, Recurring Fees & Commission Reports

Employer Invoicing streamlines sales records, invoices, recurring fees and commission reports with a single automated process, with flexibility to meet complex formatting needs.

Employer Invoicing Management Tools

Employer Invoicing Management Tools

Claims and Enrollment Integrations

Efficiently Automating Data Flow Between Your Software Systems

We know securely transferring files is challenging given the various formats and reporting needs each system requires. Integration apps are designed for moving data. Our suite of integration apps seamlessly integrate files into your software systems.

We provide apps to integrate directly with the following:

  • Benefit Administration Software
  • Enrollment Software
  • HR/Payroll
  • Analytics & Reporting Software
  • Accounting Software

Integration App Benefits

Integration App Benefits

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