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In the past, consumer Health Insurance data has been inaccessible for developers looking to build applications that rely on claims data. We’ve seen it all, from folks trying to build OCR powered apps to allow users to scan PDFs with their phone’s camera, mailing & faxing their Explanation of Benefits, and even concierge services where a customer service rep routinely logs in to the consumer portal on a user’s behalf, using a shared username and password, to manually retrieve a user’s claim data.

There are several core problems with creating automated solutions to access a user’s Health Insurance data. First, there are several hundred Health Insurance companies in the US. Second, Health Insurance companies generally only work directly with employer groups, so getting data for an individual participant outside of that relationship is problematic at best. Third, Health Insurance companies don’t have a strong financial incentive to work with, well, anyone.

We believe everyone has a fundamental right to access the best health information technology that enables them to live a healthy life.

That’s why we built TPA Stream Connect, The Easiest Way for Users to Connect Their Health Insurance to an App.

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How To Use Our Health Insurance API

Simply install TPA Stream’s Client Library to let users securely connect their Health Insurance accounts with your application, setup an API endpoint to consume our Claim webhook, and start receiving claims in real time.

TPA Stream was built by developers, for developers. Using TPA Stream Connect, you can allow your users to connect their Health Insurance data with your app to create the next generation of health benefits.

Whether your mission is to help users lower the cost of their existing or future expenses, find the best providers for your users and their families, choose the best & most cost effective health plan, or something totally different, TPA Stream Connect is the only API based provider of Health Insurance data that supports every insurance carrier in the US.

Ready to begin? Check out our docs @ to learn more!

Why TPA Stream

TPA Stream is a thriving, innovative insurance technology company committed to empowering better benefits by connecting systems, transforming data, and helping TPAs unlock more revenue.

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