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New technology enables developers to integrate health insurance data from multiple sources and formats into apps

Cleveland, OH – Cleveland-based insurtech software company, TPA Stream, develops software for third-party administrators (TPAs) and health insurance brokers to streamline daily manual processes. Their newest technology, TPA Stream Connect, provides developers with access to claims data from multiple sources and formats. 

TPA Stream focuses on building software solutions to provide unprecedented access to claims data and automate labor-intensive workflows. TPA Stream Connect affords businesses and downstream web and mobile application developers to seamlessly embed the technology into existing applications using TPA Stream’s claim webhooks and REST API.

“Building new products in the health insurance space is incredibly difficult. There are hundreds of insurance carriers with proprietary formats not looking to set up claim feeds for smaller employer groups or individual access use cases,” said Steve Fuhry, Chief Technology Officer at TPA Stream. “We built TPA Stream Connect to make it easier for developers to integrate health insurance data into their mobile and web apps.”

TPA Stream recently integrated TPA Stream Connect into the new Alegeus Smart Account App. Alegeus is the leader in account administration for pre-tax healthcare accounts. Their new Smart Account App combines health and wealth resources into a single, intuitive experience. “TPA Stream Connect eliminates the complexities of integrating claims data into the Alegeus Smart Account platform, giving consumers and benefits administrators alike easy access to health insurance claims,” said Chris Rodkey, VP of Product Strategy and Innovation at Alegeus. “Access to this claims data not only lowers costs for administrators by simplifying adjudication and claims processing, but also helps our Smart Account consumer product evaluate consumer spend and make personalized recommendations for future savings opportunities.”

For six years, TPA Stream has been an industry leader in providing innovative solutions to automate and streamline processes and improve the employee benefits market. 


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TPA Stream is a software company dedicated to making it easier to access and automate workflows related to health insurance data.  Businesses of all sizes in benefit administration, retirement, and financial wellness spaces use TPA Stream to power their mobile and web applications.  For more information, visit TPA Stream.

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