Claims Harvesting

Streamlining EOB Retrieval & Processing Using Automated Technology

TPA Stream is a web-based software built for third-party administrators to streamline healthcare administration systems. Our proprietary technology is designed to reduce or eliminate all of the clerical tasks associated with enrollment and claims processing. With over 150 supported carriers, TPA Stream offers competitive advantages through paperless Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) processing and electronic retrieval. Using our software, the employer’s reimbursement process is simplified, reducing administrative costs and increasing participant satisfaction.

By embracing TPA Stream, new customers can be ready for claims processing and substantiation quicker and easier than ever.


Easy Enrollment Process for Participants

The process starts with a quick and easy registration process for your participants. TPA Stream will send participants a registration email on behalf of the TPA and employer, complete with your branding and a personalized invitation to complete the enrollment process!

Participants can select specific carriers and enter their username and password to link their account, then we’ll begin pulling claims data.

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How Claims Harvesting Works

Employee Enrollment

It all starts with a quick and easy registration process for your participants

Harvest Claims

Claim details and screenshots or EOBs

Integration to Benefit Administration System

Send data to the Ben Admin System to automate substantiation and reimbursement

Claims Retrieval

With Claims Harvesting, claims are effortlessly transferred into TPA Stream, including detailed claim information and screenshots or PDF versions of the EOB for backup documentation.

The claims retrieval process allows for a faster substantiation and reimbursement process for TPAs and participants.

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Key Claims Harvesting Benefits

Direct Harvesting

Direct Claims Harvesting from insurance carriers

Backup Documentation

Claim details and EOB gathered for backup

Eliminating Paperwork

Reduced need for extra substantiation paperwork

Simplified Reimbursement

Reduced time and simplified process for participant reimbursement

Satisfaction & Retention

Increased client satisfaction and retention

Easy Enrollment Process

Simplified process for enrolling or SSO for participant registration

Sales & Marketing

Unique value differentiator to market and sell your services

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