Claims Integration for HSAs

Integrate Claims Data in your HSA Experience

Secure and Seamless Access to Participants’ Claims Information

TPA Stream securely collects claim files and explanation of benefits from 200+ insurance carriers. Then all the claims and supporting materials are housed in a secure database and can be displayed or accessed on demand, without the need to house the data. 

  • Integrate claims information into any web or app experience 
  • Dynamically display claims data and explanation of benefitsWeb Graphics Laptop XL 1024x461

Create a seamless user experience for your HSA customers that retains them for life

  • Get more brokers to sell your HSA 
  • Easy to use account holder experience differentiates your HSA product within the increasingly competitive HSA marketplace

How Claims Integration Works

Claims Integration for HSAs is simple and integrates seamlessly into your existing application, without the need to store claims in your own database.

  1. Employee registers with a simple, branded registration process
  2. In real-time, TPA Stream connects to the insurance carriers website
  3. Collect the EOBs Claim details, screenshots, and EOBs
  4. Secure SDK displays the claims data without any need to house the data

Claims Integration Is Simple

Claims Integration Is Simple

Claims Integration is Simple to Implement

Claims Integration for HSAs is simple to implement for your HSA, without the need for significant custom work between us you can focus on building your product, rather than integrating with ours. Using TPA Stream Connect, we’ll provide everything needed to seamlessly integrate claims information.

TPA Stream’s secure cloud is HIPAA-compliant, all data is encrypted both in transit and at rest, and we are SOC 2® compliant.

TPA Stream Connect Integrates Data From Multiple Sources into Apps

TPA Stream Connect Integrates Data From Multiple Sources into Apps

Learn more about how TPA Stream Connect works:

TPA Stream Connect

Our Core Solutions for Health Savings Accounts Include:

Claims Integrations:

  • Securely collects claims files and EOBs from 200+ insurance carriers on behalf of your account holders
  • Dynamically display claims within your applications and experiences
  • Claims history can be used for customizing account holder experience, providing utilization recommendations, and predictive analytics

TPA Stream Connect: 

  • Integrate Health Insurance Data from Multiple Sources and Formats Into Apps
  • TPA Stream Connect affords businesses and downstream web and mobile application developers to seamlessly embed the technology into existing applications using TPA Stream’s claim webhooks and rest API.
  • With access to over 200 medical, dental, vision, and prescription carriers, TPA Stream simplifies the process for retrieving claims data for users.

Employer Invoicing: 

  • Easily automate the entire employer invoicing process, resulting in more accurate invoices and saving your team time

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