Developer Tools for HSAs

Discover how HSA leaders use our developer tools to deliver better experiences

Connecting your customer’s claims to their health savings account improves satisfaction, grows recurring revenue, and creates customer loyalty. Leading HSAs partner with TPA Stream to turn benefit claims into a powerful competitive advantage. Our developer tools allow you to move fast and quickly capture more marketshare–all without housing claims information in your database. 

Developer Tools for HSAs
Employer Success Kit

Improve Client Satisfaction

Your customers will love how seamlessly integrated the claims are into their experience. Gone are the days of keeping track of or uploading receipts. In just a few clicks, customers can select the claim they’d like reimbursed. All of their EOBs are at their fingertips which streamlines their reimbursement process and puts their mind at ease in the event they are audited.

Create Customer Loyalty

After they connect, a user’s historical claims will be accessible to them in a digital vault – for life. And it’s plan agnostic. Even if they switch jobs or benefits, they can connect their health plan to their digital vault to continue to use your HSA.

Grow Recurring Revenue

Stand out as a leading provider and get more brokers to sell your HSA. The more integrated and tech-forward an experience you’re able to create for the end customer, the more you’ll stand out.

Using the toolkit is simple



Simple registration process through email campaign or Single Sign-on (SSO).



TPA Stream connects with insurance carrier.

Harvest Claims

Harvest Claims

We collect claim details.

Display Claims Details

Display Claims Details

Claims details can display within your application.

Rest assured, your client’s information is secure

Integrate claims seamlessly into your existing application, without the need to store claims in your own database.

  • Employee registers with a simple, branded registration process
  • In real-time, TPA Stream connects to the insurance carriers’ website
  • Collect the EOBs Claim details, screenshots, and EOBs
  • Secure SDK displays the claims data without any need to house the data

Developer tools for HSAs are simple to implement without the need for significant custom work between us. You can focus on building your product, rather than integrating with ours. TPA Stream’s secure cloud is HIPAA-compliant, all data is encrypted both in transit and at rest, and we are SOC 2® compliant. 

Developer Toolkit
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Developer Tools for HSAs

Securely collects claims files and EOBs from 200+ insurance carriers on behalf of your account holders

Dynamically display claims within your applications and experiences

Integrate health insurance data from multiple sources and formats into apps

Seamlessly embed the technology into existing applications using TPA Stream’s claim webhooks and REST API

With access to over 250 medical, dental, vision, and prescription carriers, TPA Stream simplifies the process of retrieving claims data for users.

Why TPA Stream

TPA Stream is a thriving, innovative insurance technology company committed to empowering better benefits by connecting systems, transforming data, and helping TPAs unlock more revenue.

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