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About Rocky Mountain Reserve

Rocky Mountain Reserve was founded in 2009 and is a third party administrator focused on employer benefits administration. They administer benefits such as HSAs, FSAs, HRAs, Dependent Care, Cafeteria Plans, Education Plans, Wellness, Lifestyle Accounts, and COBRA.

14 years ago when the company was founded, RMR built its technology and processes around the products that were in the market at the time: flexible spending accounts and COBRA. But as the market expanded to offer more plans like HSAs, HRAs, Dependent Care, and now lifestyle accounts, it created additional complexity for administration and invoicing alike.

“Our process and procedures were scalable to a point, but we surpassed that point several years ago. Invoicing became a burdensome part of our team’s monthly responsibilities,” Said Brad Warnick, CFO of Rocky Mountain Reserve. 

The Problem

As the company grew, invoicing took more and more time. Before moving to TPA Stream’s employer invoicing solution, their invoicing process involved 12 employees and was a 30-35 hour process before the invoices were sent. The account management team would provide the participant count for each plan and employer via spreadsheet. This took them away from other activities like ensuring the benefits were administered effectively and ensuring client satisfaction and engagement. Then the finance team would verify the data and import it into the accounting system. From there, they’d generate the invoice and then email them out. Some clients required detailed billing reports that would have to be created manually, so each month, the team created 100-200 detailed bills, too. 

It was a manual process. If errors were made, there would be issues on the back end if the invoices needed to be reissued. The team then was spending 10-20 hours a month after the invoices were sent out for account management, answering questions, resolving issues, adjusting and reissuing invoices. 

In total it was “40-50 hours a month on the invoicing process from start to finish,” said Warnick.

The Solution

Rocky Mountain Reserve turned to TPA Stream’s Employer Invoicing solution to streamline their process.

RMR administers both CDH and COBRA so Employer Invoicing is connected to their CDH benefits administration software, their COBRA administration software, and their accounting software. “When we have a complex divisional billing request now, we feel like we have the tools now that really simplify divisional billing. There is a set up on the front end, and then the process runs itself because of the simple nature of the process.” RMR also uses TPA Stream’s NACHA files to further streamline ACH requests. Now RMR just generates a NACHA file, uploads it to the bank, and confirms its within the accounting software and then they’re done.

The Result

“We’ve gone from 30-25 hour process to a process that is two to three hours. Instead of twelve people it’s two people,” Warnick added.

For RMR’s finance and accounting team, employer invoicing has freed up tremendous amounts of time to focus on other value-added opportunities they’re engaged in. For the account managers who were formerly involved in invoicing, moving to Employer Invoicing has freed up time for them to focus on customer service and has expanded their ability to take on additional clients and service them well. 

We are pleased to have Rocky Mountain Reserve as a valued customer and support their growth. To learn more about Rocky Mountain Reserve, visit their website.

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