Whitepaper: 11 Hidden Costs of Invoicing Manually

Do you know all the hidden areas that are costing you money in your invoicing process?

If your invoicing process for CDH and COBRA contains any manual processes, the chances are it’s costing you time and money.

In today’s competitive benefits landscape, invoicing plays a vital role in ensuring accurate financial transactions and maintaining healthy cash flow for any third party administrator. However, administrators often underestimate the hidden costs that lurk within their manual invoicing processes. These costs, which are often overlooked or not properly accounted for, can accumulate over time and have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line.

Over our years of working with TPAs, we’ve collected the 11 most common hidden costs in an invoicing process.

How many of these hidden costs apply to you?

The objective of this whitepaper is to shed light on the commonly overlooked areas that contribute to the overall cost of invoicing. By analyzing a typical Third party administrator (TPA) invoicing process from data pull to addressing follow-up questions, we aim to expose the hidden costs involved and provide insights into how organizations can minimize them. By understanding these hidden costs, TPAs can make informed decisions about streamlining their invoicing processes, reducing expenses, and enhancing overall efficiency.

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