Month: August 2019

How Better Data Leads to Growth for TPAs

data leads to growth

Being a TPA is About More Than Benefits Administration It seems straightforward: brokers and employers work with you to administer their benefits programs. This allows their internal teams to focus on other tasks such as…

Using Employee Benefits Data to Create a Better Workflow

employee benefits data

How Are You Putting Employee Benefits Data to Work? “Benefits” are more than just wellness products — they’re a cyclical process of learning for TPAs, employers, brokers, and plan participants. Employees and their families are…

3 Best Practices for Benefits Administration Success

best practices for benefits administration

Plan Participants as Data Drivers From January 1 to December 31, all of the plan participants that you work with on behalf of your employer partners are generating one of the most valuable assets available…

The Six Health Data Life Cycle Stages of a New Employee

health data life cycle

Managing Employee Benefits is a Cyclical Process But as a third-party administrator (TPA), it’s your responsibility to make that process as smooth and efficient as possible — for yourself, for the employer who’s entrusted you…

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