rising healthcare costs

Rising Healthcare Costs Lead to More Challenges for TPAs

Creativity is Good for (Almost) Everyone Employers and employees facing rising healthcare costs nationwide isn’t new. The days when a low deductible health plan was the only option available to employees — and the only one needed — have seemingly … Continue Reading

benefit administration software

Does Your Benefit Administration Software Integrate with Clients’ HR Systems?

Like HR Systems, Benefit Administration Software Is Plentiful Numerous software systems are available for employers and employees for day-to-day HR functions. These software systems allow companies and their employees to track time, manage payroll and tax information, enroll in benefit … Continue Reading

hr software

The Three Challenges TPAs Face with HR Software Systems

1. Numerous HR Software Options Are Available In addition to understanding how your performance affects the overall experience people have with you as a TPA, another TPA best practice focuses on understanding the HR software that employer groups and plan … Continue Reading

tpa–partner relationship

TPAs: You’re More Than an Administrator — You’re an Experience

As a TPA, You’re Responsible to More Than Your Brokers and Employers You’re responsible to their participants. The employees and policyholders that are relying on you to assist them with enrollment and claims reimbursement/substantiation — whether they’re aware of you … Continue Reading

tpa best practices

Four Best Practices for TPA Success

Best Practice #1: Understand Your Groups, Their Participants, and the Needs of Both First things first: Relationships matter. This standard applies to third party administrators just as much as any other organization in any other industry. You wouldn’t work with … Continue Reading

Fill the Gaps in your Benefits Administration Software

The end of 2017 might seem like months ago, granted it was, and third party administrators may have forgotten the stress and chaos that comes at the end of the year. As employers, employees, and brokers rush to submit enrollment … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

What Can Employers Do to Lower Health Insurance Costs?

Health insurance coverage is not only a hot topic for employees, it is also a significant part of an employer’s annual budget. With health insurance rates rising each year, it is imperative for employers to take measures to lower their … Continue Reading

A Simple Explanation of Revenue Cycle Management

Healthcare administration costs have been a hot topic recently. Hospitals and physicians are attempting to cut costs on administration, which can contribute up to 25% of total healthcare costs. One of the major reasons healthcare administration is so expensive is … Continue Reading

Why are Healthcare Providers Outsourcing Billing Functions?

In today’s changing health care industry, hospitals and physicians are constantly looking for ways to reduce their costs and increase profits. With hospital administrative costs now exceeding 25 percent of their expenses, healthcare providers are searching for innovative ways to … Continue Reading

Why is Health Insurance Administration driving up the cost of Health Insurance?

Health Insurance Administration is an essential part of the claims and filing process. This extremely complex process, coupled with the numbers of payers in the system leads to increased costs for service providers and insurance companies to maintain. Private pay, … Continue Reading