Winning with a client focus: Insights from the 2022 Alegeus Client Success Summit

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By Blair Arbuckle, Director of Customer Success

Our team had a fantastic few days in Nashville at the Alegeus Client Success Summit. After two years of uncertainty and remote-first work, it was so refreshing to meet our clients in person and learn more about what Alegeus has planned for their clients over the coming year. 

What really stood out to me was the focus on making enhancements and changes with a client-first mentality. It was clear that the client was at the very heart of their decision-making process for the enhancements, upgrades, and plans that they shared.

It reminded me of some of the best TPAs that we work with. They constantly put their clients at the center of their business. They make decisions with their best interests at heart, and they do everything they can to deliver excellent client service to the employers, brokers, and employees they work with.

It also reminded me of the client-focused mentality we have at TPA Stream. Over the last year, we’ve been relentlessly focused on improving our products for TPAs and helping them operate at their best. 

If you use Alegeus for CDH or COBRA, you can reduce or eliminate all of the clerical tasks associated with enrollment, claims processing, and monthly admin fee invoicing using our solutions that directly integrate with Alegeus

  • Direct Alegeus integrations for Claims Processing
  • Employer Invoicing makes invoicing and billing easier for both CDH and COBRA
  • Integration Manager + Apps connects other platforms

We’re looking forward to continued partnership with the Alegeus team over the coming years as we both work to deliver exceptional products and client service for our mutual clients.


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