Webinar Recap: Favorite Moments from Employer Invoicing Webinar with London Health Administrators

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In case you missed it last week, we caught up with Chris Cote, Executive Director of London Health Administrators last week about how they use  our Employer Invoicing solution.

Here are two of our 528 favorite moments from our conversation with Chris.

1. Using Employer Invoicing has helped grow their services they can offer

As the industry becomes more complex, Chris and his team are able to offer more complex plans like ICHRAs, or more complimentary services like retirement billing, 401k, payroll services, because they have the billing solution in place they need to be responsive to these demands.

“If we didn’t make the switch to Employer Invoicing, there’s no way we could extend our product portfolio like we can today because of the invoicing platform and flexibility offered by TPA Stream.”– Chris Cote, Executive Director at London Health Administrators

2. Implementation was surprisingly easy

At first, Chris was skeptical and a bit concerned about the amount of work involved with implementing a new system, especially in Q1.

“There’s no way we could come from where we were to automating everything, that seemed like too big of a jump. Through the migration, I was extremely surprised how easy it was to start our relationship, how well the team held their hands. It exceeded our expectations and that’s not been our experience with other software migrations.” – Chris Cote, Executive Director at London Health Administrators

Check out the full recording.

This one is full of good moments it was so hard to pick just two. Watch the whole thing on our resources page by following the link below.

Watch the Full Recording

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